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A Single Source For Powerful Partnership
JJH Employer Services is proud to meet your organization’s Employee Benefit needs and we’re continually seeking new ways to deliver even greater value to you. With that in mind, JJH Employer Services has partnered with PrimePay – one of the nation’s leading payroll and business service firms – to offer a suite of integrated HR, benefits and payroll processes to our clients.
With these services, JJH Employer Services can become your one-stop source for a full range of insurance, HR, benefits and payroll needs. By working with JJH Employer Services and PrimePay, you can optimize the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your HR, payroll and benefits administration processes.
Key Differentiators
  • PrimePay has designed an entire program to serve our clients using integrated systems and services so you can streamline administration, communications, and accountability.
  • JJH Employer Services has access to PrimePay’s dedicated Concierge team of professionals to address your questions and concerns relating to any of PrimePay’s products and services.
  • The partnership between PrimePay and JJH Employer Services will provide you with a single-source, end-to-end business services solution.
Our Services:
  • Integrated suite of HR, payroll and benefits administration services
    • Payroll & Tax Filing Services
    • Insurance & Benefit Services
    • HR & Workforce Services
    • Vertical Market Services
Other HR Services
We provide a number of additional HR services that will help your business stay organized and compliant. These services include:
  • Labor Law Posters
  • Unemployment Cost Management
  • Pre-employment screening